To The Ironsmith;

We all love cars and each of us have a model in our mind we would just love to get our hands on.
Life is also a car ride or better…

Read and find out for yourself what you’ll be driving at the end of the day.


Honrary Memoir, Shamed Existence

It has been told through ages, but still I try to make it my experience….

tale as old as time
song as old as rhyme
just words are new, mine
taste them like seasoned wine!


Into a Dawn

Poetry is the type of writing which provides maximum freedom to writer as well as reader….. to read, to interpret, to perceive …all lies on the shoulders and to the desires of giver and taker individually.

Enjoy and let your imaginations go wild in forest of these verses…and don’t forget to share your escapades as well as feedback!


Firsts in time…

Firsts however boring still have amusing stories to them…. read and see if you agree!

The First Bow

First time visiting my page? Read this to see if at least general contents meet your taste and expectations.