To The Ironsmith;

Life is a blessing.

This statement, this proverb, this saying; nomenclature can’t dampen neither its impact nor its importance. These words as a group have been used throughout the ages to motivate as well as to shut close the unwanted arguments. We ourselves have been unable to counter it in front of our elders and they have met similar fate with theirs. But here lies the beauty and differentiability of the statement. It isn’t the weapon only wielded by the aged. Nope! Instead it has managed to transform itself in accordance with user’s height, gender, color, nationality, language, race, etc. It’s one genuine secular you’ll ever come across. But I have my own misgivings about it.

I believe that it is simply manipulating people or more specifically it is being wielded to do so. To put it plainly I have my disagreements with this universal arbitrator. In my opinion it is really just overselling a product. Life is undoubtedly rare and invaluable, precious also but here it is being oversold.

Life is a gift. A beautiful gift from God. But its beauty simply can’t walk more than that. Whether it is a blessing or not is debatable.

If we imagine life to be a product then it’s basically only the raw material in an assembly line factory and its worth is largely dependent on mostly the one who wroughts it and by some extent also on those surrounding the ironsmith and their influence on them. Elaborating, iron is supplied to all car factories but whether it gets shaped into sports, utility or luxury is not its decision. It’s a level that can only be reached after a several upstairs climb. To whom has it been supplied and till which extent has it been purified or beaten up? What faults it already carried in its layers and which developed while being transfigured? How stubborn was it to be shaped or how delicate was its consistency? Was it regularly honed or neglect was its eternal partner? All these will decide how it shall be shaped and then there is also the fact of the factory address where it has been dispatched. What kind of cars does it prefers to make. But this benchmark can be overcome by ironsmith’s will and hard work. In fact each of these struggles can be overcome by an ironsmith. But for that they will have filter the opinions and influence of their peers. And as we all know while some peers are chosen others are compulsion. So whom to listen and whom to ignore is in itself a humongous task. And then after all this what is the criterion that the end product, the car is a success.

No one but the creator can tell truthfully if their creation is a success. For it’s their satisfaction, happiness and content with their creation that seals the deal.

So if life is iron, then we are the ironsmith, which makes our family and friends our influences and our end products success depends upon how satisfied we’re with our life at the time of death. And the ironsmith that hasn’t loved to beat the iron, who hasn’t melted themselves while burning the iron red and didn’t enjoy the bursts of happiness while hammering it into shape can’t be bothered whether the end product is even a car or just a block of iron.

To feel the content is satisfaction. Satisfaction is happiness. I tried my best, I loved what I was doing, enjoyed the process and if given a chance would live it all again, maybe with a few adjustment gained from experience, that is a successful ironsmith, a skillful worker and a winner car engineer. So;

 Life is a gift; to live it happily is a blessing.

And happiness differs for all. The expectations, dreams and goals are different for all. And an ironsmith, a human, a being has to filter and burn, melt and get hammered along with the life, willingly, for it be successful, for life to become a blessing. Otherwise it’s a curse. Reluctance, simply forced to go through it, these are curses and the car shall be a disappointment.

So it’s important to live your own self to make sure that one has lived and not simply existed. Hence;

LIFE is a gift; to EXIST is a curse; to LIVE is a blessing.