Into a Dawn

Left, Right, Forward, Behind,

All are stretched

To merge into nothingness;

Up and above lies,

Endless blue black of sky;

Down and below resting,

Is impenetrable blue green sea;

And among these

Beautifully formidable Surroundings,

I’m stranded….

Perched on an erect structure, Metallic.

Peace and unrest,

At the same time,

Could be felt flowing

In my insides…

All the while when,

Outside has given up

On any effort, to express

The inner turmoil.

In the midst

Of making sense…,

A jerk is felt,

And I feel myself pulled back,

Into realities;

Away from distant twilight lands.

But by now, there is no desire left

To stand up and continue,

With daily chores of this venue…

While the scent of salt and sweet are still lingering,

Within the confines of chambers, still “blurry” and “dreamy”!

There has now arisen

A confusion;

Rearding the label to be given,

To appearance of those lands…,

Ironically when,

There wasn’t visible

even a piece, of that expand!

How to tell,

whether it was a “dream”,

or a “nightmare”!!

Scary it was! Though also…

thorough with immense calmness.

And a sudden lust

Rears its head,

Brought to life by the

Exciting thought of a bizarre experience…;

To find the place,

Amongst real 3-D landscapes!  

And it marks,

The start of a search;

Of a wanting wanderer,

Of an unrestful soul!

Powered from rush of adrenaline…

This one of other type,

Than from physical acrobatics;

It’s the one with an irregular flow,

It’s the one, that is used to give access,

more often than not to anxiousness!

And to calm this upsurge down

I bank upon the option,

Which requires to begin, a search

One that might last years.

One that would probably get surpassed,

By the eternal clock of limited hours!

Knowledgable though I am

Of this end,

Yet I’ve also begun

A search, for the fabled land!

Searching for a place,

Where my nightmares would materialise;

Searching for a place,

Where my fears would come to life.

I know travellers are meant

To explore themselves through exotic lands…

But me?

I want lose myself,

In those gaunt escape plans…!

Somewhere where lies the answers,

To all my curious lonesome falls still in progress.

All while hoping…

That there exists a “destiny”,

Of this hopeless “tenacity”.