The First Bow


These both are forms of greetings, two among several others, but sensing the need of times we are living through I have chosen these two.

This is as you might have noticed my introductory post and I’m going to keep it so. My rightfully First Post shall be the next one. This is one extremely general post that I might even delete after some time when I feel that it has served its purpose.

So what could readers or visitors can expect from my page? Well before answering the question i would first introduce myself. I Vinnie, am a freelance writer, who is still taking baby steps and is obviously dreaming of a lots of ambitious prospects in future. But future is yet quite far away so in present I think it’s pretty much clear what all content you could find on my blog, but still, i would try to tickle your interests more broadly.

Not only just creative writing and non fiction rants or opinions, (whatever floats your boat), I’ll also be posting poems, quotes, sayings or excerpts that inspire me and my views and understanding of them. Other than these visitors may also find my page to be more aesthetically inclined through pictures, paintings, and random brainstorm stuff. Setting aside the non fiction rants I can positively promise you fun and a dreamy escape in my stories and other posts.

So come along and cruise beside me, let me show you the world how i see it and if lucky, i might even be honored in making even your imagination set sailing.

See ya! (in next post)


“wanderer or social,

sapiens remain cluttered, clear as crystal”