Firsts in time…

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Firsts are odd. Firsts are natural. Firsts are prized. firsts are precious. Firsts are strenuous. Firsts are joys and firsts are also sorrow. I’m sure that each and every feeling that exists in this world has at some point, through someone. stood along hand in hand with some “First”.


This is my first post and as you might have noticed blog setup has quite nearly reached its first anniversary. And though I can’t claim to have been stressing about it for all these months but I can certainly assign few solid weeks to the stress dedicated wholly to this First Post.

As easy the setup was, proportionately difficult was the journey to this first post. If only I could summarise whole lot of occurances that could be associated with the commemorative post. The numerous times I decided to start and the always one more in count times I scurried away scared. And God! the side effects this delay caused, …from forgetfulness to stress to demotivation stumbling into emotional turmoil… and this rant could go on weeks. Its not that I couldn’t think of topics or extend my understanding and imaginations to them, but it was the fact that there were enough to make me feel troubled. For second post could easily surf its way out of concept avalanche but first can’t. No! they would require some extensive thought process and planning and especiallly when every other seems a good choice. Firsts are special introductory preciouses and so they have to be planned out. And that was the cue. I decided to make this post about the Firsts, in Plural.

Firsts have a special ring to them, they have an unique touch of theirs. Firsts are what can at once activate all the five senses and escalate them right in the chair for one fine dinner with the sixth one. And I say firsts in plural because, though for the one experiencing it’s an individual and maybe at times even personal feat but, they aren’t the only attendee of a first. Its amazing that that though there are so many firsts a being ecounters in their whole life but each of them manages to impact their life in an some or he other manner. And though it might sound like all this is in relation to humans and if you eliminate bigger details to even animals but, in my opinion it is appicable everywhere and to my relief stress of others I do have my own quotable reasons for it.

First being that no one can ever forget any kind of firsts they have gone through. No one and Not even single one of it. Memoirs, anecdotes, photos, documents, simple memories, word of mouth; any form but the first always remain intact. Even the firsts we forget of our early childhood are foretold by our family and friends. They have been revered and rememebered by them as their firsts as our firsts. So you might not remember the exact details but you will remember the moment. It will always remain intact in your memory. Just a tumble in related direction and a whole lot of memories just explode. And maybe it is so because Firsts are the harbingers of Change.

Any change to occur has to establish a “First” first of all. The first big bang for creation of earth to the first tectonic activity, to the first single cell organism to the first multi cell organism, the first specie to the first plant to the first seed, to the first season to fisrt weather change to first season change and all these unique points could just continue to curve in one endless arc of an infinite circle. Being a starting point of any event just makes firsts indisposable because they have now altered the earlier flow. However small they have ended something, they have rendered something obsolete and established something new, for better or worse might be time’s calling but a first, is unavoidable for change. And this very simple thing is enough to carve a first forever in history, in memories, in Past and therefore Permanent.

Then comes the value attached to them. Emotional labels are put by all living beings on whatever they go through. Even in case of “pure business” it comes down to emotion cause even professionalism is a state of mind, a practise of manner and a promise to not attach intimate but only profitable calculated feelings. Milestones attached to firsts with all kind of emotions just make them rather important.

And that’s a tiny little decimalised piece of my thought process that haunted me and made me have a go at it and its value.

I sincerely apologise for the boring rant (if you felt so eventhough compliments will be more my cup of tea), and I would now sign off!  With sincere hopes of second being a much easier and less stressful affair. Though y’all needn’t worry I am definitely not planning to make my blog a journal on Chronlogy’s Assement.

Good Day!